Revolutionizing Two-Way Amateur Radio and Business Communications


Android DMR Radio and Hotspot in One!

RFinder radios have everything you need BUILT-IN to use Analog or DMR via UHF/VHF, and DMR via Internet (WiFi or mobile SIM).

  • Fully-supported phone/tablet, radio, and software
  • Simple point-and-click technology
  • No Hotspot

Additional highlights include...

  • No codeplug or programming software
  • Integrated worldwide repeater directory access
  • Integrated satellite tracking
  • Optional location sharing via APRS and RFinder Network
  • Optional current frequency sharing via RFinder on the Air
  • Certified for amateur and commercial use
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DMRoIP is a registered trademark of RFinder LLC

DMR Simplified!

RFinder DMRoIP (DMR over Internet Protocol) software feature lets you access the most-common network (Brandmeister*) DMR talk-groups without a hotspot! Just connect and choose a group!

* More Networks In Development

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What our customers say....

"RFinder is a huge step forward in the radio world and hobby. Bringing you everything in one place-which is in your hand. But because it's a full Dual Band FM/DMR and now with its added DMRoIP function it has leaped ahead of any of its rivals."


“Because it's a full Dual Band FM/DMR and now with its added DMRoIP function it has leaped ahead of any of its rivals."


RFinder updates its software with new and exciting cutting edge features never seen before in a handheld radio. When you purchase an RFinder, it’s like getting a new radio every month!"


    Simple Interface

  • VHF/UHF Transceiver

    World Wide Repeater Directory

  • Map View-Rfinder

    Interactive World Wide Repeater Map


    Latest DMR Database Data

  • RFinder Network

    Exclusive RFinder Network

  • RFinder Map with APRS Integration

  • RFinder B1+ Handheld Radio (VHF/UHF/IP)

    Last Heard with Integration

  • Solar-terrestrial data

    HF Conditions

  • Screenshot - Rfinder

    Nearly Unlimited Memory Storage with Separate Zones

  • RFinder B1+ Handheld Radio (VHF/UHF/IP)

    136-174mhz TX and RX

  • 400-490mhz TX and RX

  • RFinder P10 (10") Tablet Radio
  • RFinder Radios

    RFinder handhelds and tablets are perfect for radio operators who desire the most modern, updated features! Trust RFinder to do what no other radio can!

  • Rfinderphonehandtest