RFinder B1/B1+ Accessories

 RFinder is your one-stop destination for enhancing the functionality and versatility of your RFinder Radio. Our high-quality accessories ensure you get the most out of your device, whether you’re a professional needing reliable communication tools or an enthusiast looking to upgrade your setup.

Charging Solutions

Keep your devices powered with our efficient charging solutions. The 100W Multi USB Charger Hub with PD Quick Charge 3.0 and Qi Wireless Charging capabilities is perfect for charging multiple devices simultaneously. For on-the-go charging, the USB QC3.0 Cigarette Adapter and the B1/B1+ 12V Cigarette Lighter Adapter are ideal for keeping your RFinder Android Radio charged during your travels.

Antennas and Audio Accessories

Enhance your communication with our range of antennas and audio accessories. The Dual Band Stubby Antenna and the Dual Band Stock Antenna provide excellent signal reception. Our Bluetooth Hand Mic, Earloop, and Wired PTT Microphone offer hands-free and convenient operation, while the Bluetooth Dongle for the POGO port expands your device’s connectivity options.

Battery Options

Ensure your RFinder Android Radio stays powered throughout the day with our variety of battery options. Choose from the high-capacity (3500mAh) battery with a belt clip for extended use or the standard (slim) 2500m

Ah battery for a lighter alternative. Both options include belt clips for easy carrying, and the Battery-Hold Down Repair Kit ensures your battery remains securely in place.

Mounts, Clips, and Covers

For added protection and convenience, explore our selection of mounts, clips, and covers. The B1/B1+ Belt Clip, Belt Loop Mount, Nylon Belt Loop Mount, and Accessory Port Dust Cover provide secure attachment and protection for your device. The Screen Protector Tempered Glass safeguards your device’s display from scratches and impacts.

Enhance Functionality With Additional Accessories

Enhance your user experience with our Control Knob, SIM Adapter, and Wired Headset, all designed to provide additional functionality and ease of use. For peace of mind, consider our 24 Month Warranty extension, offering extra protection for your investment.

Explore our full range of RFinder B1/B1+ accessories and find the perfect additions to optimize your RFinder Android Radio experience.