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RFinder Android Radio

RFinder PortAzEl Portable 12V Bluetooth Az El Rotator Now Shipping!!!

RFinder PortAzEl Portable 12V Bluetooth Az El Rotator Now Shipping!!!

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Made in USA from high quality CNC machined components: The new RFinder PortAzEl. Derived from an older product created originally by Portable Rotation now greatly improved. New controller that is Bluetooth enabled to allow control from the RFinder Android radios. Yes, all-in-one software included in RFinder to control the antenna and allow communications directly with birds with FM transponders. All automatic...Doppler, magnetic deviation, satellite tracking directly from your RFinder radio (or a PC or Mac using serial over USB) us if you want to upgrade your older Portable Rotation device to the new controller!



Power 12-13.95 VDC, 170ma idle/<500ma Turning @12.5v
Mast Diameter 25mm/32mm
Arm Diameter 25.5mm
Azimuth Rotation 540 degree
Azimuth Resolution 1 degree
Elevation Rotation 180 degree
Elevation Resolution 1 degree
Control Pulse Width Modulation
Two speed motor
Modes of operation Manual antenna movement
Automatic antenna movement
Remote control via serial or BT
Automatic Calibration Acceleromoeter/magnetometer sensor provides auto antenna calibration and return to home position
Calibration mode Any-Direction Calibration' offering easy antenna system deployment
USB Serial control GS232A proocol via USB A/B cable
Bluetooth  Control GS232A proocol via USB SPP
Protection Rotational Jam detection with auto-stop
Control Cable 25' 4 conductor rotor cable 18awg max 100'
Antenna load Maximum 8lbs (balanced)
Weight Rotor head w/18" arms: 7.5lbs, Controller: 8oz
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